Covid Measures

We have a wealth of experience running Activity Days for children. We have tweaked our usual program to allow us to run our program safely and confidently in the face of Covid-19.

The following measures have been put into place to protect the health and safety of the children attending, our staff and families: 

- maximum of six participants per group

- children must bring their own food and drinks

- we will be outside all day - appropriate clothing will be required - please ask it may be possible to borrow what you do not own

- participants must understand that social distancing rules will be in place and they must follow them

- we will use our marquee for shelter if required at break times, participants will have designated seats

- participants attending for the week will be allocated a set of equipment

- participants will be taught by their instructor how to fit their own equipment - all equipment used will be visually checked by the instructor and ensured it is correctly and safely fitted

- equipment will be quarantined or disinfected before it is reused by another person

- equipment that is handled such as bows for Archery will be cleaned between uses

- regular handwashing and the use of alcohol gel will be in place - please send them with their own or purchase one from us

- the use of face masks is optional for under 11s, if your child has a mask please ask them to bring it

- hand sanitising dispensers will be located around the site

- toilets and changing areas will be cleaned thoroughly and regularly 

Please note, our main priority is to keep your children and our staff safe. Social distancing measures will only be breached where there is a risk of injury or where a rescue is required. This is rare, and additional measures will be in place to help prevent this.

This is a confusing and worrying time for everyone, if you as a parent, or your child has any questions or concerns please talk to us.